Crime And Punishment In The Middle Ages.

In the Middle Ages the punishment was very harsh. There was three different types of courts. The first court was the less serious court which was the Manor Court. The second court was the Church Court this court was used against people who didn’t obey by the church’s rules. The third was the Royal Court which is the most harshest court which usually resulted in the death sentence or some sort of torture.

Manor Court Punishments: Even for the little things such as a wife nagging her husband could have resulted in her having to wear a bridle so she couldn’t nag her husband or being put on a ducking stool. People who sold bad food would be dragged around the manor with the food tied around their neck. Another punishment was being put in the stocks were the people in the manor could throw food and rubbish at you.

Royal Court Punishments: The Death Sentence could be carried out in a few ways such as being beheaded, hung drawn and quartered and bricked up. The torture punishments were getting your tongue cut out, nose slit, ears or hands cut off or your eyes burned.

Church Court Punishments: The Church Court punishments were very unfair. One of the punishments was truth by fire. The offender would have to hold a red hot piece of iron for a certain amount of time and then they would bandage up their hand and in three weeks if the blisters were healed you would be innocent. Another punishment was truth by water. They would tie your hands and feet together and threw you in the river or lake and if you sank you were innocent. Truth by combat was another punishment the  offender would have to fight the accuser to the death if the offender won he would be innocent.

Ducking Stool:                                          

The Stocks:

Grade Ten Checklist

I generally think I will pass the grade ten checklist. I will have to improve on my internet searching skills. I have no problem with my blog I’m capable at uploading widgets and photos and things like that.

I look forward to learning more in ICT in future years.


In my history class this week we were looking at different styles of maps. We looked at three different types of maps. These styles of maps are Birds eye view, Ground view and Oblique view. We had to sit a test and turn a satellite image into a Birds eye view image. The image was from Google earth and of Oford. This was my result.

maps 042

Internet Search Challenges

The first internet search challenge i did was the Batman one. In the Batman search challenge you have to find out how many roller coasters are named Batman outside the USA. I finished the Batman search challenge in 1:43 min I got the question right.

The second internet challenge i did was The Poetry Challenge. I had to find out who wrote the poem with the opening line this is about no rain in particular. I did it in 52 sec but i didn’t get it right.

The third and last challenge i did was the Reno Air Races challenge. I finished it in 2:29 min but i didn’t get the question right.

I suggest you try some of these.

Positive Digital Footprint

It’s important to have a positive digital footprint. In some cases employers have found out about their employees negative digital footprint and the employees have been fired. Some employers look up the people who apply for jobs before hiring them. If they have a bad digital footprint they won’t hire them.

To keep a positive digital footprint you shouldn’t put bad photos, videos, writting or movies on the internet. You also shouldn’t say bad things to other people. If you have a positive digital footprint you most likely will have a good reputation. Im sure more people will like you if you have a positive digital footprint rather then a bad digital footprint. So keep a positive digital footprint!!

Playing Simulations

A simulation is a computer game that puts you in perspective of what the games about. I played two simulations the first one i played was Ayiti. In the simulation Ayiti you are a family with a mother, father, daughter and two sons. On the simulation you can send the children to work, school, hospital, home or the family farm. On the simulation you have to try and last four years without your whole family dying. I didn’t last the four years because i worked them to hard. I suggest you try it it’s good fun.

The second simulation i played was refugees in Sudan. It’s about a poor community. The children of the community have to run to a water well to try and get water for the community. But there is only one thing standing in there way. They have to get past the military cars to get to the water. If the military catch you they put you in a camp. The closest i got to finishing it was ten meters but then they caught me. It’s a very fun game click on the link to play it.